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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  October 24, 2016 4:30pm-4:59pm EDT

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weekend. he is pictured with his mother and the fourth victim was a friend from becker. the wrong way driver is going south on 495 north just after midnight in middle burrow and also killed. >> my only child. he was all we had. >> the car with the four young people was caught on fire. it was in the high speed for the college student. state police say they likely had no chance of avoiding the wrong way driver. back to you, jc and ed. jc: it was a crushing day at nashua high school for those mourning their own. they say he fell into a open storm drain during a day luge and his body was found in the merrimack river.
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crisis counselors are helping students cope. >> students who knew him came in very sad and in tears and are matched up with a supportive staff person. >> we were making jokes at school and a day later he turns up missing. >> the storm drain cover has been bolted into place as the investigation continues into why it was open in the first place. the city will also be inspecting all storm covers around nashua. ed: commitment massachusetts voters are headed to the polls for the start of early voting. this is the first time in the commonwealth they have allowed residents to cast their votes before election day and they will count toward all of the elections. jc: nicole joins us with more. nicole? reporter: that's right, jc and ed. thousands are coming out for this first day of early voting. we stopped by city hall where the wait was about 20 minutes.
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he was among the crowd taking the opportunity to cast his ballot today and look at those lines up and around and back down the stairs. early voting in massachusetts lasts until november 4th and it is different from absentee voting and you don't need a reason like illness or being out of the country to come out and vote. although as you can see early voting does not mean there will not be a wait. >> this is the vote that's america. end of story. that's why i'm here. >> i was trying to avoid lines, but it looks like everybody else had that thought as well. >> i'm very excited to get this over with too. reporter: now listen to this, there are more than 400,000 registered voterss in boston alone so early voting may ease the election day lines. each city and town sets its own early voting times and
4:33 pm and you can find specifics on your location. we will find out how the secretary of the commonwealth says they are working to make sure to avoid voter fraud. live from the state house, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: the election is just two weeks away and hillary clinton and donald trump are hitting the campaign trail hard as clinton rides a boost into the home stretch. trump tells people d reporter: we are down to the final push. the white house and both candidates are in key swing states making sure they lock in as many votes as possible. the campaigns are out fighting in full force today. the clinton camp is leaning on friend senator elizabeth warren to go after donald trump. >> on november 8th we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our
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>> she gets under his thin skin like nobody else. reporter: a confident clinton building up other democrats who is in a neck and neck race with the current republican for a seat in the senate. >> what i love about maggie is that she is independent, knows how to find common ground and how to stand her ground. reporter:working to become president and try to elect a democratic congress while a it. trump is working for votes in the must win state of florida. promising farmers in that state iffy elected he -- if elected he will drastically cut red tape. >> epa is a disaster and the red tape is a disaster. farmers can get back to the business they are supposed to be in and not in the business of filling out paperwork every day. reporter: he bashes the polls and the media. the latest tracking poll has him trailing double digits. he said despite those numbers he is anything but
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florida, but we're gonna win the whole thing. reporter: and while in florida trump laid out his plan for cuba saying he wants to negotiate a tougher agreement and one that may be off the newly established areas. jc: lest arrested a person in kks with the deadly stabbing at cape cod. poli 9:30, saying ridley stabbed two men on saturday morning. one victim died and the other is in the hospital. police have not said what lead to the stabbing. ed: bu police are looking into a reported sexual assault in a dorm on commonwealth avenue early yesterday morning. students were sent text messages alerting them. no description of the suspect has been released. anyone with any information
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ed: police are looking for a bank robber who hit a citizen's bank branch in revere. police say this man wearing a skeleton mask walked up to the teller and got away with cash. he had a bag of money with an exploding dye pack. he was last seen on a bicycle. anyone with information should contact police. jc: looking live at the city of we are in for chillier days ahead and harv is in the weather center to tell us all about it. harvey: it went from the damaging winds of part of this weekend to the winds of change. if you see the gusts, it is common to be around 30 miles an hour. it is importing chillier air. there hasn't been much wind. we are dropping to the 50s rather quickly. the pre-dawn rain that hit the south coast and the cape has moved offshore. we don't have to worry about that.
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about to move into the mountains of maine. 43 in montreal. we'll 4re9 you know -- we'll let you know how chilly it will get. jc: yar putt police are investigating a drowning at a local hotel. he was swimming by himself when a guest arrived and spotted his body at the bottom of the pool. murphy was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. jc: and police need your help to find a missing woman. she was last seen about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. she suffers from alzheimers and parkinson's disease. she was last seen wearing a light colored pink or orange shirt and gray sweatpants. anyone with information should give police a call. ed: excuse me. jc: repairs are under way
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it happened at the cranberry plaza shopping center. a construction crew working behind the plaza hit a gas main. several ambulances were called to a dialysis treatment center. everyone has been allowed back inside the shopping center. ed: two men who died rat a construction accident will be honored. they were killed on friday when the trench they were working in flooded. the annual workers memorial day commemoration pays tribute to laborers are looking to see what caused a watermain to rupture flooding the trench on dartmouth street. and investigators are trying to determine the cause of a tour bus crash that left 13 people dead in southern california. jc: the bus was returning to los angeles from a casino when it slammed into the rear of a tractor-trailer. it happened near palm springs. the bus driver is among the dead. it is not known if alcohol, drugs or just fatigue played a
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the bus was inspected in april and had no issues. ed: a deadly plane crash caught on camera. five people are killed when the plane crashes and then bursts into fleams. it happened in malta. the small plane was headed toward libya's coast to monitor migrant trafficking groups when it plummeted just after takeoff. ed: the nfl is facing serious backlash over its handling over a domestic abuse case. jc: why many say the league failed to do its duty when investigating giants kicker josh brown, and what tom brady sa ed: and regulators may block the merger between at&t and time warner. why some are afraid the mega media deal may be bad for customers. harvey: and thanks to the day luge that occurred on friday night. actually rainfall is above average for this month. obviously still not the case for this year. we are going to be talking about the chill in a few minutes. jc: we are awaiting the names of those killed in the crash
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spent 21 years in the navy, defending america. if i only showed up half of the time, i'd have been court-martialed. but that's what senator kelly ayotte did. she missed nearly half of her homeland security hearings. vo: on critical homeland security hearings, ayotte was mia... even missing a hearing the same day she went to
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bob hillery: when it comes to fighting terrorism, fifty percent doesn't cut it. afscme is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> you're watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. jc: right now investigators are trying to figure out why a driver left five young people dead. it happened in the northbound
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middle burrow. families have identified two of the vehicle times as jordan fisher of harwich and craig diggs. the names of the two two victims and the wrong way driver have not been released. ed: taking a look at the pike here. it is the last week the toll booths will be in place and look how the -- shadows have taken over. the traffic going into newton is really slow and traffic going into town is okay. let's go around the area and split and see what that looks like. 93 newton corner, you saw that stretch is slow. you are slow at the tolls and then be careful. the pike heading westbound, you will be slow again. it is 41 minutes right now and that will only get worse as the volume gets worse.
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day. harvey: it does. we are trending now. we are trending to chillier weather. this is the chillest we have had. the calendar is moving along, not shocking in and of itself. it is 59 in boston and that's not that tough to take. we have a 22 mile per hour wind going on so that adds a little bit to the chill out there. the dew point is fairly low. the barometer is steadying out and eventually rising. here is what is going on a the area. notice the air is chillier above us. you drop to 51 degrees. also you get to the birkshires and it is 47 in pits field. this is a legitimately chilly air mass and these are the steady winds. they are gusting to 40. boston is gusting to 30. this is importing chillier air. as i have mentioned, every
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hasn't been much wind to accompany it. this is the first time we are combining the chillier weather with the gusty winds as well. you can see the proof of that with some snow showers in eastern canada. the mountains of maine will be picking up snow squalls and snow showers over the next 24 to 48 hours. these are the overnight low temperatures. we have seen the readings this chilly, but this will not be like the wind goes to calm. there will still be wind around and tomorrow legitimately chilly air mass it will only climb through the 40s and even struggling to get to 50. may or may not make it in boston and low 50s to the south. worcester airport is only about 43 for tomorrow. so that is pretty chilly indeed. it is the northwesterly wind and it is gusty and chilly. and we will see that continue now for the next couple of days. also want to point out for tomorrow night late or into wednesday morning from 2:00
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next seven days. you can see the chilly high temperatures for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. and we have the wet weather coming in as we mentioned later thursday and thursday night and then early on friday. it does look like the upcoming
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obviously it is a chilly weather pattern we are settling into for the time being. jc? jc: backlash over the league's handling of giants' kicke josh brown. and some of the harshest criticism is coming from within the giants' family. reporter: the backlash is building against the nfl. >> that's another black eye and a smack in the face throughout this whole national fo suspending josh brown for just one game in 2015 after being arrested in a domestic violence incident involving his then wife molly. the nfl says at the time of his suspension it didn't know the severity of brown's alleged actions sidelining him thursday and then immediately reopening an investigation into him after a newly released and troubling 165-page police report detailing allegations of a lengthy history of abuse including admissions from
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brown's arrest police repeatedly denied the request for more information, but police say the investigator never identified himself as working with the nfl. >> he didn't indicate he works for the nfl. >> we have no idea who this is. >> what we want to do is get the facts. reporter: but some say they don't take it seriously enough. one former giant tweeting "i respect so many people in that organization, but what are you waiting for? # cut him" and one of the league's most annie apple, a correcter for sunday nfl countdown and the mother of a current giant corner back, eli apple, expressed outrage after the comments from the owner. >> he admitted he abused his wife in the past. what is unclear is the extent of that. reporter: a domestic violence herself she calls his comments callus saying how are you
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compassion. yes this man signs my son's checks as i have been reminded on twitter, but adding wrong is wrong. >> so many big names. on sunday they should talk x's and o's and instead they were talking about domestic violence and the failure of the nfl to enforce its own policy. jcj -- jc: pats questions quarterback quarterback -- pats qute back. >> if there is any bullying or abuse against somebody who can't defend themselves i have no respect for that. and like i said the nfl, they claim to take tough [stances|instances] -- stances, this is the situation for them to deal with. i will let them deal with it. jc: brady making the comments during his paid appearance on weei this to hold his brother
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coming who drive the pike. we'll have what you need to know. and then caught on camera, an rv burst into flames. the large amount of drugs inside destroyed. it happened on a major highway. >> want to see ezra and hold her. >> filling hearts with joy. how that little baby surprised cardiologists at a local hospital. it is all new on newscenter 5
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ed: a proposed merger could peace an uphill battle. >> it could make time warner exclusive to their services and that could lead to higher choices for customers. hearings are set for next month on capitol hill. and ticket prices for the world series between the cubs and indians are simply out of
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it will cost you an average of $3900 for a tech ket to the game in cleveland. if you thepg that's a lot that's compared to games in chicago that average about 7200. >> for one. the world series. >> comedian and actor bill murray will get a big award. jc: the honor he pecked up and why some people were poking
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in failing school districts, question 2 will let parents choose something better and give all our kids hope. please vote yes on question 2. ed thed is -- ed thed is no surprise, but funny man lifetime comedian bill murray receives a lifetime achievement award. jc: he accepted the mark twain
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he thanked his brother to get him involved in improve. there were roasts about murray especially about his tendency to turn down roles and not return phone calls. ed: there was one he did recently and he was terrific in that movie. jc: and not funny. ed: no, not funny. that's why when you think of bill murray he is so good. ben and jc have breaking news. >> ben: horror and heartbreak on the crash. >> he was all we had. jc: stunned reaction from family and friends. >> ben: and the search for answers. jc: caught on camera, a civilian ride along took a dangerous turn. harvey: chilly times ahead. how cold it will get and how long it will last. >> ben: miracle baby. the battle that makes it so special. >> from boston's news leader
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5:00. >> ben: right now police are investigating a horrific crash. it was a wrong way collision. five people died. jcvc it happened -- jc: it happened just after midnight. rhondella richardson spoke with them a short time ago and she is live tonight. rhondella? reporter: that's right. two of the victims attended and graduated this high school. there were a carul students returning to the campus when it burst into flames after a head on collision with a wrong way driver. tonight friends and family are banned together in grief. 19-year-old jordan fisher was home from becker college for the weekend to visit with his parents. he was their only child. he was killed in the fiery wrong way crash. >> it is so hard. it is going to be tough for charlene. reporter: it happened at


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